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3 years 5 months ago

Mad Hatters: 2018 Overall Winners

Congratulations to all the companies who took part in the Annual Awards.  The presentations were all very impressive.

There were 14 Awards Presented.

The overall Winners were Mad Hatters from the Grammar School at Leeds.



3 years 5 months ago

Just collected the Leap trophy from last year's winners and this year's amazing hosts. 
Now it's off to the the engraver, ready for this year's Annual awards.
Who are going to be this years overall Best LEAP Company.... you'll have to wait till Thursday 26th April at Ralph Thoresby school.

3 years 7 months ago

Sulaiman, winners of LEAP Spring Trade Fair Feb 2018

Hi Donna,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for asking us to be involved with the Trade Fair on Saturday.  I was truly blown away at the level of creativity, drive & ambition of the young people there.  What a great initiative!


I’ve seen the blog and pics you’ve added to your website, we’ll promote at our end too.  Can I just ask which schools were involved?





Mubina Ahmed

Professional Placements Manager


Professional Placements & Volunteering

3 years 7 months ago

Sulaiman won 1st prize for the Best Trade Stand

Congratulation to all the LEAP Enterprise Companies who took part in the Spring Trade Fair on Saturday 24th February, at the Merrion Centre in Leeds.  The Merrion Centre [TCS] gave Awards for the Companies with the Best Trade Stand. This was judged by Helen Green from TCS and Mubina Ahmed from Leeds Trinity University, based on the appearance of the Trade Stand, the products and the enthusiasm and skills of the students.

1st prize - Sulaiman         2nd prize - Mad Hatters         3rd prize - Chamelion

3 years 9 months ago

Typical LEAP Reports

All LEAP Companies should send at least 4 people to the What's Next Seminar at Allerton High on Tuesday 4th January 2018.

There will be simultaneous talks on:

Presentations [The Presentation Competition is Sat. 17th March 2018]

Report Writing [The Report Competition deadline is Sat. 17th March 2018]

Financial Reporting

Social Media and Marketing

3 years 9 months ago

Mad Hatters win ist prize

Congratulations to all the LEAP Companies who made the Merrion Centre Christmas Trade Fair a great success.

This Trade Fair forms part of the LEAP Marketing Competition, but the stands were also judged by the Merrion Centre and 3 prizes awarded.

!st place : Mad Hatters

Runners-up : Wrapped Up and Chameleon

4 years ago

If you need to use pictures from the web, please be careful what you use and the rules behind Copyright regulations.

So, our reply to ANY Company would be :- 

4 years 5 months ago

Qualitees Overall Winners 2017

Congratulations to Qualitees on their Award last night.

The Overall Winners of the Best LEAP Company 2017

4 years 5 months ago

LEAP Competition Results 2017

Congratulations to all the Companies who participated in LEAP during 2016/17, and especially to the winners of the competitions.  The results and the certificates and trophies were handed out at the Annual Awards at Woodhouse Grove School on Thursday 27 April 2017.

The Overall Winners were Qualitees from Ralph Thoresby School.

The Enterprise Award winner was Hard Day's Craft from Leeds College of Building.

Full results are shown in the photograph.

4 years 6 months ago

The LEAP Board are looking forward to celebrating the achievements and success of all our LEAP companies at this event. We particularly want to thank Woodhouse Grove School for hosting this our tenth year celebrations. Book your seats for what will be a most entertaining evening with an Oscar style presentatiion of Awards and the announcement of LEAP Best Company,

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