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Our website is designed to be accessible to all users regardless of device or any impairment they may suffer. We have taken steps to ensure that our site is as accessible as possible by:

Designed for mobile devices

The website uses media queries which is designed to present the content of the website in a friendly way for devices of any size or input, such as tablets and mobile phones.

Keyboard accessibility

For users with motor impairment who may struggle to use the mouse efficiently we have included the option to navigate the website via keyboard. Below are the combinations for each page:

  • 0 - Homepage
  • 1 - About
  • 2 - Companies
  • 3 - Galleries
  • 4 - Blog
  • 5 - Calendar
  • 6 - FAQ
  • 7 - Register
  • 8 - Login

Use your accesskey and the number to navigate to the corresponding page.

The LEAP website was originally built by Studio Raygun and converted to run on new software by Enbecom