Copyright rules 2017

2 years 9 months ago

If you need to use pictures from the web, please be careful what you use and the rules behind Copyright regulations.

So, our reply to ANY Company would be :- 

If the original picture is copyrighted then the photographer can complain.  If it is one that is widely circulated without any reference to copyright then you can probably get away with it.  The same goes for the sayings.  You cannot simply rip any image complete with graphics from web sites and print them on products.  Technically of course you can't take anything off a web site and re-use it. 

Whilst you are probably highly unlikely to get caught, we would ideally recommend you take your own pictures. 

Citing their example, I've no doubt the 'owners' of Mr Bean would take a dim view of his image being used in that way.

Our suggestion is by all means use a particular pose or expression but take your own humorous picture of one of your current friends (I use the word current on purpose since they might not like you afterwards!). Best to do it with their cooperation?

If your in doubt dont use it.  Protect yourself, Company & LEAP.

Thank you.

LEAP Board





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