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9 years 8 months ago

'The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness'- John Muir


We have made a lot of progress so far by fundraising money to cover our costs of the clothing range. Earlier in October, the team helped sell home-made and decorated buns, which the students and teachers of Ralph Thoresby loved! Not only have we sold buns however; we have also sold home-made Indian cuisine such as curry, samosas and onion bhajis which turned out to be a massive result for us, creating profits of over £200 altogether. 

The oreo buns were an exclusive favourite for all years!

Fundraising is a significant part in helping produce our stock, Without the money, we would be unable to cover the costs to create our clothing range. We will be continuing to fundraise in order to gain as much income as possible to spend on getting the best quality items for our customers. 


The trade fair is quicky creeping up on us and we cannot wait to show our product range infront of you all. We hope to make sure our stand is unique and stays with our 'forest green' theme. Please remember to come and support us by buying our products- by doing this not only are you helping us, but you are donating money towards Skelton Grange, a local conservation charity in Leeds! 


Check back soon,


sen clothing

We are a social enterprise that specialises in designing and selling phone accessories, various clothing items such as t-shirts and beanies. We have a woodland based theme to our business hence the prints we shall use and the symbol for the company represents, 'forest,' in Chinese (Traditional). We would like to introduce social enterprising aspects into the company by contributing part of our profits towards the local wildlife preservation project, Skelton Grange.