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7 years 11 months ago


This was our first ever trade fair. We were nervous, excited, slightly scared and hoping to sell at least one mug. We had faith in our products, our company and most importantly each other. 

So, bright (it’s England so not that bright) and early we all got ourselves to Rose Court with our gear and got stuck in. We set up the trade stand first, which proved to be quite an arduous task; it needed a sturdy push (as one of the dads demonstrated!). We decorated parts of our trade stand with purple tinsel to add to the festive cheer, but unfortunately we realized that we had missed out a crucial step in putting up our trade stand, so we got to work to correct the error in our ways. This was a learning experience for us as we realized the importance of carefully following instructions. Next we set up our tables; we had two due to the 'Design Your Own Mug' service we were offering to the kids, we created levels to place our products on in order to maximize aesthetic appeal.

We were based in a slightly more isolated area than other teams. We were also in the opposite direction to 'Santa's Grotto'; the main attraction at this trade fair. So, we had to approach people and beckon them towards our trade stand. Initially, it was quite daunting but people were genuinely interested in what we had to say and really liked our primary aim of helping our local community. We had a special 'Design your own mug' service where kids could sit down and design their own little mug, which they then got to take home. We were very pleased with the response we received as this proved to be very popular with the kids  AND parents; it was a fun and creative activity! 

All in all, this was a fun and insightful experience, we hope to better our performance in the next trade fair, but first we need to learn how to set up the trade stand properly... (It helps...)





We offer an exciting range of mugs containing food related products, gift wrapped, to make perfect gifts. Great for birthdays, Christmas or Valentine's Day, or any occasions as it is an interesting and attractive gift. Mugs will be of a high quality/have an interesting design and the products inside and the wrapping will add value to our product to attract customers to our happening new 'DrinCup' business! All profits will be going to improve the lives of young people in our area by donating to children and teenage wards in Leeds hospitals as at 'DrinCup' we realise the importance of helping and giving back to our community; it is what shapes us as individuals. As our Target Audience included teenagers, we want to promote this message through our business. Most importantly, all our products are wrapped and brought to you with the utmost care and love. So, give us chance and Just 'DrinCup'...