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8 years 3 months ago

A huge well done to all the companies for their hardwork and participation in the valentines trade.

It was disappointing not sell as much as we did in December,but we enjoyed our time and did our best. Thanks to the judges who gave us some great advice.I also want to thank them for giving us the award and encouraging us to succeed within our project. Massive thanks to all leap organisation and our helpful enterprise teachers who were with us through all of the day.
We were very grateful of the donation we were given from our former head teacher and to all those who purchased a bag.

Now OTR are continuing the hard work and we are looking forward to our future sales in school (and maybe even elsewhere!!!)

Best wishes from Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow

A selection of exotic and powerful-looking colours, we welcome you to "Over The Rainbow", a tie dye based company which excels in tie dye tote
bags, possibly furthering to t-shirts for all genders!