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9 years 3 months ago

The valentines trade fair was a success in terms of sales of our products and spreading the word of our brand. We used the trade fair as an official launch for the beanies and the new t-shirt design, both products proving to be hits with the public, especially beanies which we sold out of.

since the trade fait we have been recieving messaged throuch our facebook page, which is still gaining likes and views constantly, requesting our products.

We have been having a few peoblems with our website but we are happy to release the new link .This website includes images of our products photgraphed on a live model to give you an idea of what it looks like on and for our customers, we have added an easy to use, secure payment method.

Over the next couple of weeks our focus will be on boosting the website through social media so keep an eye out for whats coming on facebook, twitter and instagram. We will shortly be ordering in requested stock and working on selling as much as we can through our updated website so get your orders in quick!


sen clothing

We are a social enterprise that specialises in designing and selling phone accessories, various clothing items such as t-shirts and beanies. We have a woodland based theme to our business hence the prints we shall use and the symbol for the company represents, 'forest,' in Chinese (Traditional). We would like to introduce social enterprising aspects into the company by contributing part of our profits towards the local wildlife preservation project, Skelton Grange.