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4 years 2 months ago

Hi again Quokkaholics,

Being a group of young, competitive and overall eager to prove ourselves teenage girls, we saw both the Christmas and Valentines trade fairs as an opportunity to excell in roles and fields which we aren't often thrown into. Although these trade fairs were an amazing experience for us, the day was also a celebration of all the work that everyone put in to help LEAP function.

Firstly, throughtout both days we got to meet nearly all of the LEAP tutors from schools all around the city. We forget that these teachers are taking time out of their own weekends with their own families to come and support teams of pupils which over a period of 5 months they have watched grow into self sufficient business men and women. Alongside them is Donna and her team watching and supporting us, they are there to give out expert advice and to judge us through both these days. Not many people can say they have taken part in this enriching experience and alongside it also have been given the priviledge to meet and talk to our Lady mayor.

As a group we would like to thank all the people who bought our products at these fairs but also to the general public for smiling or even stopping to have a conversation with us. It isn't appreciated enough how scary and overwhealming the idea of setting up a stall in your local shopping centre can be and to be expected to try and sell your products to people much older than you that you have never seen before. The support we had throught both the trade fairs was amazing and our experience was even better because of it.

Thanks again....

The Quokka Team xox

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