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5 years 8 months ago

We started the year on a positive start, sorting out our reports, financial information, presentation and the Spring trade fair at the Merrion centre.

Everything was in place for our Merrion centre trade fair, until only 4 of our 8 ordered reed diffuseres arrived. Alongside this another one of our members fell ill the morning of the trade fair, meaning Ben our finance director had to step in and do a 6 hour shift. We were warned on arrival how difficult this trade fair could be, due to the fact it's just after Christmas and the new year no big occasions coming up, meaning no one was really in the buying mode. As we try to stay optimistic we hoped this may not be true.

However, we did find it harder this trade fair to shift our products onto the public. Saying this we still managed to sell one of our reed diffusers, and a collection of lip balms and bath bombs. Admittedly not our best sale but we were glad to sell something after been warned about the difficulty to sell at this particular trade fair.

After this trade fair we continued to work on presentations, scripts and reports for the final presentation day at Allerton on the 17th March, which was all going smoothly until we were stuck with snow and suffered school closures on two Thursdays in a row, Thursday being our meeting day. We are currently trying to fit another meerting into everyone's busy schedules.

With our remaining products we are going to try sell them at school to teachers and students, in time to finish our financial report and get ready for presentation day. 


We sell essential scented items, such as bath bombs, lip balms and reed diffusers. All profits made go to Cancer Research UK.