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4 years 6 months ago


Our team includes a wide variety of roles to enable us to cooperate together. We have two managing directors, Jacob Harris and Amara Burke, who keep the team under control and help to manage certain situations. Aswell as Amara being one of our managing directors she is also our company secutary, who writes down our minutes from our weekly meetings and who books our weekly slots to sell our products at school. Our Product Director is Jessica Williams, who has been able to source us with great quality products and at the same time has helped to negotiate a great price from our suppliers. Our Financal Director, Ellie Hopwood, manages our online accounts and at the same time has helped to suggest the prices for our products to maximise our selling and profits. Oliver Walton, our marketing director, has set up and managed both our Instagram and email accounts. Oliver has also directed setting up our boards for events such as the Merrion Centre and Rose court Christmas fair's. Finally, our sales director, Rory Fowler, has been great and enthusiastic so far working with members of our our school and the public, promoting our products and maximising our sales!


We are a leap organisation,called JustInCase. We will be selling a wide variety of different coloured Airpod cases. The colours range from Baby pink, Navy, Black ,Mint green all the way to Lilac. Our cases enable you to have another added layer to your airpod cases for protection and the wide variety of colours adds style and vibrancy! Along side with our airpod cases we are also selling a wide selection of multi-use stickers. Our stickers are ideal for sticking onto phone cases, laptop cases and even guitars! Our stickers are also very practical because they are very easy to remove.

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