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4 years 8 months ago

We are a group of sixth form students from The Grammar School at Leeds and have formed a company called ‘The Little Gift Shop’. We aim to be the most successful company in LEAP and we intend to do this by creating selling opportunities, where we can use our expertise to sell our fantastic products.

What are we selling?

We are selling a variety of PopSockets, pendant necklaces, scrunchies and bracelets. They’re aimed at, for the most part, females, however we believe that our PopSocket range caters to men. Additionally, lots of men will buy our products as gifts.

How much are they?

Our products are all reasonably priced under £10 to make them affordable gifts for all. We always price our products with a mark-up and we try to get this above 100% to make a generous profit. Nevertheless, during the Merrion Centre trade fairs we always aim to reduce prices to cater to the lower demographic and therefore our objective to reach over 100% markup cannot always be achieved.

How is the selling going?

Overall we have sold over 300 units. This comes from selling at GSAL senior school, Rose Court and Woodhouse Grove which we arranged ourselves. These events are where we sold the majority of our stock and where we achieved our goal to be successful. However, we found that both of the Merrion Centre trade fairs didn’t do as well as our previous ones mainly due to there being less demand for our products.

The Little Gift Shop