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6 years 9 months ago

Ahoj, 嗨, привет, hey!

February was a busy month with both our chocolate sales and the Valentine's fair but don't worry, according to the customers's feedback things went better than well! Almost all WGS students (and some teachers too!) spent their Valentine's Day eating our delicious chocolate flowers with their loved ones. There is no better feeling than sharing a bouquet of treats.. We hope you all enjoyed it. Good news: we sold out! Bad news: That means no more flowers to please your tastebuds :( Sorry. 
The Valentine's Fair was a success too. With improved time management we spent the day selling our phone cases at the cheapest price you could possibly imagine. We started off with 3 pounds and decreased the price to 2 after a few hours to match our promise to create a real bargain. People at the Merrion Centre couldn't resist! Our sales were just as good as last time. Thank you all for visiting our stall!

So is this it? The end of our company? No! We finished selling and will only do a giveaway for our best customers, but there are still things for us to do. Big things, we can say! The LEAP presentation is taking place on Saturday 18 March, send your luck. We are already working hard on our report as well as the presentation and can't wait to show the judges what's in us! It's going to be a blast. Follow our Instagram @justincaseleap to stay updated on our progress with the preparations and all the juicy details from the headquarters. 

Now back to work - talk to you again soon! 

Best wishes


Selling customised phone cases at low prices