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7 years 3 months ago

Ahoj, 嗨, привет, hey!

It's February and love is in the air - so what is Just-in-CASE up to? We decided to create a romantic product to make your waiting for the big day easier. As five single souls we could only come up with chocolate flowers to eat while watching Bridget Jones - but they are to kill for, trust us. If you are one of chocolate lovers, we are currently selling them everyday from 10:30 to 11:05 at WGS for no more than a pound. But we warn you: if you want one, come fast, they are more than easy to sell..

And what about the Merrion Centre Fair?! Well, good old stuff: our unique customized phone cases, this time at amazing price of only 2 pounds. Cheapest stock in town. Visit our stall tomorrow 4th February and get yours before they're all gone!

Kisses from the headquarters


Selling customised phone cases at low prices