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7 years 8 months ago

We are Aurum, a high quality jewellery business who aim to create affordable products with a target audience of 16-21 year old girls who are looking for the most recent jewellery trends. A big part of our company’s image is our slogan – “quality redefined”. After many group discussions and research we came to a conclusion as a team that this best suited our brand as we hope to achieve quality products that are different to what is currently on the high street.

In Aurum, we have the managing director who plays the role of leading the team and organising fundraising events and finalising decisions. This role plays a crucial part in the functioning of the team and also manages the progress of our brand. Another role we have in Aurum is the secretary who organises meeting agendas, manages the company’s blog and generally assists the managing director. We also have the sales director who manages the selling of the products, the marketing director who manages the social media accounts for Aurum, the production designer who has already created the logo and the finance director who organises all of Aurum’s finances.

Why did we choose jewellery?

As a group, we came to the conclusion that we didn’t want to copy previous years’ success and go for a clothing line, candles or phone accessories. Therefore we decided to go for a product that is affordable but of a high quality – jewellery. Aurum are very passionate about creating products that are not just at a lower price but a product that is a better alternative than what is currently being offered to customers on the high street.

So far, Aurum have created a logo which is classical and sophisticated, mirroring the reputation we would like to gain for the brand. This was completed by the production designer with assistance from the marketing director.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a LEAP seminar which gave the opportunity for Aurum to meet the competition and learn more about their allocated roles. The managing director said “I feel everyone who attended really benefited from the seminar”. The meetings so far have been very successful in organising events such as the bun sale and for people to contribute their ideas for the brand and products.

What can you expect from Aurum?

A lot of hard work is currently being put in to prepare for the upcoming sales fair next month. We have started to order charms, chains etc and supplies are on their way shortly. Aurum will continue to fundraise in the near future and we are currently discussing in meetings new ideas for fundraising events such as gaming, educational and sports tournaments. This still needs to be finalised.