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5 years 11 months ago

So far:

-The first thing we did was market reserach at GSAL Open Morning to gain information about what scented products consumers most desired. As a result of this we found out the products that were most sought out for were Reed diffusers, Bath bombs and Lip balms. This information helped us as a team to build our range until the point where it fitted our market research and we felt as a team it was a strong range.

-Our first selling opportunity was the GSAL Rose Court Christmas fair on the 25th November. Here we sold out of all our Reed diffusers and Lip balms and just under half of the Bath bombs. This was a major success and we were all really impressed.

-Our most recent selling opportunity was at the Merrion centre in Leeds on the 2nd December. Here we sold out of all our Reed diffusers once again and also most of our Lip balms and bath bombs once again.

This far we have made over £200.

After christmas we will review the products we have left, the upcoming events we have and decide whether or not we want to change or add any scents to our range, for example change the christmas scents for something different and seasonal like roses for valentine's day.


We sell essential scented items, such as bath bombs, lip balms and reed diffusers. All profits made go to Cancer Research UK.