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8 years 2 months ago

Greetings from GSAL!

We are Uncover - made up of 9 students from GSAL (The Grammar School at Leeds). Although a simple premise, our goal is to bring creative phone cases to your friendly little gadget - at a sensible price. The idea has survived many iterations and doubts, and we're now ready to put the gears into motion. Without further ado, here's the team:

Connor Moran

Connor is the head honcho of the whole operation. Taking a suitable position as Managing Director, he'll be the one overlooking the whole business as it progresses. If you've got a question, then he's the man to ask.

Jake Stringer and Ben Myserson

Not only the one writing this, but the one who'll be presenting Uncover to the world through social media. I'll pull out all the stops to ensure people know about Uncover and why it should be next on their list to visit. Aside from getting the name out there, I'll also be taking place as Production Director alongside Ben, as we grab the physcial goodies from our various suppliers.

William Armstrong and Veerpal Saund

Will is our Marketing Director, alongside Veerpal. They'll be the ones in the field asking the questions, getting the stats and reporting them back to us. Without these guys, we wouldn't have a clue as to what the public want - and there's a lot of stuff to choose from. Designing inventive ways to ask the public what taste they want on their buds, they're a vital part of Uncover's production.

Hal Vipan

Hal is our Human Resources. Although he doesn't see it himself at times, he's a vital part of Uncover and one who'll be keeping us all together.

Jiaren Li

Jiaren, or Henry, is our Financial Manager. He's the one who'll be feeding the money down to Ben and I, ensuring the least goes out and the most comes in. Without Henry, we'd be grapsing for cash.

Edward Taylor

Edward is our Sales guy. He's the one telling us how well something is doing and if we should rethink it. If we didn't have Eddy, we'd have no idea what people are buying, and that's pretty important.

Oliy Bowman

Oliy is our Secretary. He's the one taking the emails and the calls, so when he's got news, we'll all hear about it.


Thank you for reading our introduction! I hope you enjoy AmeriCandy and all we have to offer. In case you're wondering....

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and (soon) our website: (some admin stuff going on at the moment before it's set up)


Give your phone a home. Specializing in phone cases to suit whatever gadget you know and love, Uncover will be happy to serve you.