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Virtual Trade Fair 2020

1 year 4 months ago

LEAP and Merrion Centre Virtual Trade Fair December 2020

To view all the videos click on the link!Ah8tYF5jHhuYh-gw3nCKOIUza_J5Mg?e=ZXzt7X

LEAP and the Merrion Centre sponsored a Virtual Trade Fair on Saturday December 5th 2020.
Congratulation to all the Companies that took part in these difficult Covid-19 times. We were very impressed.
Fifteen of this year's LEAP Companies supplied video entries which were judged by 7 judges, and then reviewed at a Microsoft Teams meeting on Thursday 10th December.

The Merrion Centre will be awarding a trophy to the winner and vouchers for the top 4 companies listed below.

To view all the videos click on the link!Ah8tYF5jHhuYh9JIEeF8eFr5d2JUIQ?e=RPGfTx

First place: Equinox
Second place: Study in Green
= Third place: Dyehard Vintage and Infinite