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Some questions raised about this years Programme - Oct 2020

1 year ago

Thank you for getting in touch and asking the questions.

1. For the zoom on Tuesday, does the whole group have to attend or just one person? Also, is there a specific time for each role to go into the zoom or does one person have to watch the whole thing until they talk about their role?

All the 4 Seminars are at 5_15pm till 6pm.

We highly recommend that you have a person representing your Company at each one.

Read the overview and this will help who needs to attend each one.

These will be LIVE conference calls with opportunity to ask questions.

2. If someone can't make it, will there be a recorded zoom?

Due to Data protection none of the Workshops will be recorded but we will upload the presentations to the Resources section.

3. In the diary, it says you need £150, where would we get this from? If we are supposed to raise this money, how can we when we can't really sell anywhere in the current climate?

If you speak with Mrs Tidman, she may be able to organise payment from the school, and then after Christmas if you have any funds available you can offer repayment to the school.

4. Also, for the first Merrion Centre event, it says it will be virtual but how can we sell if it's virtual?

We are planning this in more detail and will be now a short PR video you'll send in for us to understand you and your team, with fixed questions we are finalising at the moment. But this will be fully explained at the Seminar, you won't be attending the Merrion Centre in December at this moment in time.

5. Can we use social media and online platforms to also sell our products? For example, depop or Instagram?

Yes, Yes, and Yes along with any other formats you feel are safe and dependable.

Please remember to calculate Postage & Packaging and be careful about charges & commissions payable through these options.