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4 years 3 months ago

In December we attended the Merrion Centre Christmas fair.

We had a great time and enjoyed every minute.

We were determined to have a prominent positon at the trade fair so we decided that some of our memebers would arrive at 7am to gain this position. The position was perfect as we were able to sell over 11 bottles and 14 straws. Our bracelets were also very successful as we were able to sell all of our stock!

We took on our feedback about our presentation and we were encouraged to do better next time. We made sure that our board presentation for the Valentines trade fair met the requirements and improvements mentioned to us before.

We had an amazing time although we didn't win any prizes, we took away a good revenue and lots of experience for our next fair.

Shell Yeah!

Shell yeah

Shell yeah is a company which sell metal bottles and metal straws. We aim to give all our end profits to the sea life trust which has been confirmed and agreed by all our shareholders. Our aim was to reduce plastic around our school. So far, we have been very successful throughout school with both of our products which has had a huge impact of plastic consumption throughout school. We sell our bottles in a range of colours and have different shapes for our straws. Another aim of ours is to provide a quality bottle. Our bottles are dishwasher proof and keep drinks hot for 8 hours and cold for 12 hours therefore they are extremely durable and worthwhile for the favourable price of £8.