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7 years 7 months ago

It has been both an exciting and busy start to our journey as a business, yet one which as a group we have thrived on and enjoyed thoroughly. From the start off we thought it crucial to involve our potential customers as much as possible, our creation and regular use of our social media accounts allowed us to reach out and feel closer to the customers and really embody what they desired in our products. We'd decided on matching notebooks and pocket mirrors, so our brilliant Marketing Director, Brooklyn Smith, created a variety of fashionable, trendy and beautiful designs which we then tested on our accounts, followers and likers were then able to like and comment their favourites, verifying why they did so. The team then got to work analysing the results only to produce more designs on the back of this initial research, having found our original Marble design to be highly desired, we delved further, producing four more potential Marble Designs which were then put to our social media accounts. This was once again a resounding success and helped us to produce our final three designs, which we are now happy to announce have been manufactured and will soon be available to sell at upcoming Trade/Christmas Fairs at both Rose Court (Saturday 26th November) and The Merrion Centre (Saturday 3rd December). Yet, beforehand, we had to ensure we had some initial capital and thus held a highly profitable Bun Sale within our school on Tuesday 8th November, raising an astonishing £157.00, we aim to replicate the success of our bakes in our products during the latter stages. Alongside share investment, we will be able to purchase our full product range in order to provide our customers with the beautiful products they deserve. Currently, we are finalising our order for Notepads in order to ensure we can sell both the products individually, but together in a beautiful set which would be the perfect gift in the upcoming seasonal periods. 

We would like to thank you for all the support so far and can't wait to continue with this challenging yet thoroughly enjoyable adventure, providing high quality and beautiful products at affordable prices. Ensure you keep updated on our various Social Media accounts for more frequent news and updates! 

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We aim to sell and produce a range of unique, high quality and fashionable pocket mirrors and notepads for a large market segment. We believe our sleek and matching designs will not only satisfy a large sector of the market, but will also become beautiful gifts for seasonal periods. By selling the products both individually and in sets, we believe we are accommodating to the consumer and providing them with quality yet affordable options which they may have not found elsewhere.