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9 years 7 months ago

We have recently used our profits from our last successful bun/ cake sale and homemade Indian cuisine stall at Ralph Thoresby to purchase our wide range of clothing. We are currently on with the production of our sen logo which will shortly be embroidered onto all of our clothing. 

Without the money we raised from selling our shares and from fundraising, we wouldn't be able to cover the costs of buying our clothing. With this and how successful our past food stalls have been, we will be continuing to fundraise in the future. We are currently organising similar food stalls to the bun sale and homemade Indian cuisine stall as these were a big hit and brought in a lot of profit. They also helped us promote sen and the charity we are helping support. 

Please remember to come by the Merion centre on the 6th of December to support us and buy our products. By doing this you are not only supporting us,  you are donating money towards Skelton Grange, a local conservation charity in Leeds. 

Check back soon, 


sen clothing

We are a social enterprise that specialises in designing and selling phone accessories, various clothing items such as t-shirts and beanies. We have a woodland based theme to our business hence the prints we shall use and the symbol for the company represents, 'forest,' in Chinese (Traditional). We would like to introduce social enterprising aspects into the company by contributing part of our profits towards the local wildlife preservation project, Skelton Grange.