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6 years 11 months ago

Aurum participated in their first trade fayre on 3rd December 2016! This was an amazing opportunity for the public to see what products we offered and who we are. By doing the trade fayre it gave us a real insight on how we can improve not only Aurum’s appearance but also the products we had to offer. For example, we were complimented on our sophisticated scheme of black and white going throughout our stall but by the end of the day we had a good idea on the more popular products and the products that had a higher demand and this has allowed us to know that we need to supply more of these products. The pendant charms and chains were hugely popular and we sold many units of them. Throughout the day, we were complimented on the not only affordable products but how we presented them. From the image below, you can see the attraction of our products and reflects our motto ‘quality redefined’. All of our members really enjoyed communicating with customers during the day portraying our true passion for our brand, which resulted in a number of sales. The brand was successful profit, which is a huge step forward for our company. From this trade fayre we hope to have displayed to the judges why we deserve upcoming prizes from Leap Enterprise.

Moving on from the trade fayre, we have already made orders on pendant charms and chains. As a company, we concluded that we would order more pendant charms and the same quantity of chokers; as the pendant charms sold out and the chokers took slightly longer for us to do this. We will continue our market research to further improve our brand. In terms of improvement, for the next trade fayre we shall create name cards with the meaning of each pendant stone. For example, jade is considered a lucky charm.