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6 years 10 months ago

Ahoj, 嗨, привет, hey!

This is Just-in-CASE, a LEAP company consisting of five Woodhouse Grove School students. We are sponsored by Zimmilo, Intelligent Forex Trading System. Founded in October 2016, Just-in-CASE creates unique hand-designed phone cases with the lowest prices. We also organize bake sales, pizza sales and much, much more.

Who is behind all this? 

Isabelle Wan, our amazing managing director. With previous experience, she is the leader and decision-maker of our company. Isabelle is 16 years old and lives in Hong Kong. She studies History, English language and literature, Government and Politics, and Business Studies. In her leisure time she likes spending time with her friends, singing and shopping.

Jeanette Chang, the production director. She knows WGS the best and can always guess what our customers seek! Jeanette is 16, lives in Ilkley and enjoys reading as well as music. She studies History, Chemistry, Mathematics and Spanish.

Annesa Lai is the company secretary. She never misses any information in the meetings and thanks to her we always have organized notes and To Do lists. Annesa is 16 years old, comes from Hong Kong and enjoys TV shows and dancing. She studies Mathematics, Biology, Psychology and Economics.

Polina Smyrniahina, our sales director. She follows the latest trends and reflects this in the company decisions. Polina is 17 years old, lives in Ukraine and never misses a good Youtube video. She studies Government and Politics, History, English literature and Media.

Last but not least, Nina Pučeková is our finance director. She is responsible and good with numbers. Nina is 17 years old and comes from Slovakia. There are not many books or science facts she hasn't read. She studies Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology.

So that's us, the eager students with too many phone cases. Would you like some? Contact us at @justincaseleap (Instagram), or come to one of the fairs we're selling at. We can't wait to see the spark in your eyes once you spot our cases!

With best regards from the headquarters


Selling customised phone cases at low prices