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7 years 7 months ago

Over the past week we are glad to say that the products we had previously ordered have started to arrive, meaning that we are well on our way to providing premium but also affordable jewellery for our consumers. As soon as all products are delivered, we can get are looking to start selling right away.

In terms of fundraising we have organised an additional bake sale for the end of the month. This has been discussed in our previous meetings and has been confirmed by all members of Aurum. Although we were extremely successful with our last fundraiser we hope to do better in order to increase the amount of products that we can buy.

During the last few meetings, Aurum have made a huge amount of progress, including the discussion of products, brainstorming for fundraising ideas and we also discussed the upcoming trade fayre where setting up the stall in the right way is vital to us. The range of products were established in one meeting to confirm how many products we need to create for Aurum to be successful at the fayre in December. For the stall, we have decided to stick with the sophisticated image of our brand and continuing the theme of black and white.

This week we will be ordering accessories for our stall including Aurum posters, black cloths for tables and pin boards. In addition, we may add other jewellery stands that you will be able to view at the fayre. We came to the conclusion that this would be the most appealing and really show our sophistication and class, making them appealing to everybody. In the latest meeting we finalised the prices of our products and the upcoming bake sale. Reward cards were briefly discussed but still needs to be confirmed with all Aurum members, although it was one of the big ideas we hope to one day make happen. Each member has been assigned a job for the week in order to get to where we want to be before Saturday 3rd December and this continue each week after every meeting as it benefits the company hugely but lets all the members have some time independently.

We are very close to being ready for the trade fayre now and are very excited to attend!