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8 years 1 month ago

Welcome to 'Over The Rainbow'. 

There are seven different members in our team, just like there are seven colours in a rainbow...coincidence much! Anyway here is a little insight to our team and all the great aspects we add to it...

Ahmed Zahedi

Ahmed is our Managing Director. He overlooks the company and makes sure everything is running smoothly. He has also taken a big step in and a great deal of dedication to also be our Human Resources Director keeping us all in line at all times. Without him we would all be falling apart.

Lucie Manson

Lucie is our Company Secretary. Working alongside Ahmed she is responsible for keeping the legal records of the company and taking minutes of the meetings. She keeps everything filed up and immaculate.

Ronita Selmani

Ronita is our Finance Director. She has the job role of keeping track of all our transactions and putting them all up on spreadsheets. Not the most interesting of jobs I assure, you but she carries on for the team anyways.

Courtney Thompson

Courtney is our Production Director. She will be in charge of organising the buying of materials. Also she will be the one who will be one making the product (with all of us helping) and ensuring it meets standards. She is an important role as she determines whether our business is a success or not.

Waqas Hussain

Waqas is our Sales Director. It is all thanks to him if we sell as he is the front line of the company and one of the most important members. Without him we would have no sales done, and no sales means no success to our team.

Waleed Hussain

Waleed is our IT Director. Covering the electronic side of the business he communicates with our customers with the use of social media and keeps them happy. Also he is in charge of presentations and responsible for incoming emails. He keeps us up and running through a bit of IT know how.

Amna Abdelrahim

Amna is our Marketing Director. Working closely with Waqas will be responsible for all marketing activities such as customer surveys and designing the trade stands. She has a deep knowledge in the product and will find the effective way to sell it.

So now you know who we are, Keep a look out as you might find us in our upcoming Trade Fair at the Merrion Centre on the 28th November. You can’t miss us; with all our Rainbow Colours we are sure to catch your eye.

If you have any queries or questions please feel free to ask.



Managing Director (Ahmed Zahedi):


Over The Rainbow

A selection of exotic and powerful-looking colours, we welcome you to "Over The Rainbow", a tie dye based company which excels in tie dye tote
bags, possibly furthering to t-shirts for all genders!