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6 years 3 months ago

This last week we have been gearing up for our presentation on Saturday and trying to sell of our remaining stock. Due to missing two meetings in a row due to snowy conditions we called an urgent meeting on Tuesday. Due to varying circumstances only 5 of the team were able to make it.

We have organised a sale for Thursday where we will be able to sell our remaning stock. After our sale at break and lunch at school we will be able to assess how well the sale went in our meeting that evening. This will also give Ben an opportunity to finish the financial report, meaning this can be put onto the presentation and into the report.

The presentation and script is all finalised and written, except the financial information which will be done shortly. The website is finished and published and we have linked it to our account on this LEAP site. The report isn't finished which is slightly worrying when we're not far away from the final presentation. As a team we must group together and split it into smaller and more manageable chunks so it isn't just one person who has a huge chunk of work to do. This is a technique we have learnt in this process to ensure no one feels overwhelmed with the tasks they have to do.


We sell essential scented items, such as bath bombs, lip balms and reed diffusers. All profits made go to Cancer Research UK.