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8 years 10 months ago

Hi guys,

The Valentine's Day trade fair is very soon and we are very excited to sell our products to all the happy couples and many others. All of our products have arrived and they smell wonderful. We have a mix of different bathbombs; we have big ones, small ones, heart shaped ones and many more. We also have many different products in store for everyone! We have being working very hard these past few weeks to get ready for the trade fair. We ordered little bags and we painted our logo on to them. We have being promoting our company, telling everyone to come down to the Merrion Centre on the 7th of February, all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope to see many people supporting us and buying our products.

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We are a bathroom cosmetics company and we will be selling bathbombs, soaps, candles and many more bathroom cosmetics.
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