Starting our Business

3 years 7 months ago

Week - Monday 24th to Sunday 30th

When first starting our business, we struggled to find an idea that the entirety of our group liked and were comfortable with. We contemplated woodwork, sleeves, notebooks and mugs before finally deciding on T-Shirts with phrases and/or our logo. Orginially, we planned to put quotes on the majority of the t-shirts, however, we discovered there would be complications as we would have to provide royalties, which was something we wanted to avoid. This new development meant that our orginal name "Quotees" had to change; as a group, we then changed our name to "Qualitees" as we felt this represented the new company much more. After this decision, both the marketing director and the IT director designed the logo. They made two different logos together, which were quite similar, for the group to decide on an official meeting; the final logo is attached. This week, we have made our presence on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise our products. We also began designing our webpage and checking the quality of different priniting companies. Overall, we believe this week has been rather productive and we hope we continue to progress as a new business. 





We are a group of 7 young people in Sixth Form, who are eager to take part in the leap business to gain experience of running our own business. Our business is called Qualitees, we will be selling a unique range of t-shirts aimed to attract young people. In addition to this, as part of our company we are raising awareness for Diabetes UK and donating 10% of our profits to them. This is just one of the unique selling points that Qualitees has to offer.