Christmas Trade Fair

3 years 7 months ago

Week - Monday 28th to Sunday 4th

This week, everyday we were preparing the stand, backboard and other essentials such as bags and decorations for our stall at the trade fair. On Saturday, four of our members got to the Merrion Centre for 7.30AM to set up the stall for the fair, by 9AM we were ready to start selling our t-shirts. By 12AM we had sold 7 t-shirts in total, one of these being from the Lord Mayors wife, which she bought after we were awarded the trophy for the best stall of all businesses that attended the fair, given to us by the Lord Mayor himself. Just before 12AM, the rest of the group arrived at the stall and those who were there early had completed their shift, expect from the Managing Director, who stayed all day.

After this special event with the Lord Mayor, we ended up selling 15 t-shirts in total, which was a massive achievement!

(We also had our new website running this week, with new pictures of people from our school wearing our t-shirts, this allows for people to see our products online and order them from there when we aren't at any events).

Our ambitions for next time are to produce other t-shirts with various designs on them to attract a wider audience, and also aim to make our backboard bigger in order for it to stand out even more and be more secure.  

We plan to sell at the Valentines fair in Febuary and also at our school christmas concert in the very near future. 



We are a group of 7 young people in Sixth Form, who are eager to take part in the leap business to gain experience of running our own business. Our business is called Qualitees, we will be selling a unique range of t-shirts aimed to attract young people. In addition to this, as part of our company we are raising awareness for Diabetes UK and donating 10% of our profits to them. This is just one of the unique selling points that Qualitees has to offer.