Bake sale and Shares

3 years 6 months ago

Week -  Monday 31st to Sunday 6th

This week, on Wednesday 2nd, we conducted a bake sale to attempt to raise funds for the buying of the t-shirts, in the coming weeks. We spent all day selling various cakes to the people of Ralph Thoresby School and managed to raise £71.19 which will all go towards the business. 

We have also decided the buyer in which we are purchasing the t-shirts from, and the costs for how much buying all of them will come to. The managing director conducted various phone calls and emails to these producers and we have come a final price in which we are happy with. 

The finance director also collected in the shares from all members of the group, totaling at £140. This money is also going towards funding the t-shirts and possible shares from others will add to this fund, as well as possible donations from various others.

Decisions about final designs and colour from the t-shirts are also being made in the coming week to ensure we have sorted before sending to the suppliers about what we are wanting to purchase.


We are a group of 7 young people in Sixth Form, who are eager to take part in the leap business to gain experience of running our own business. Our business is called Qualitees, we will be selling a unique range of t-shirts aimed to attract young people. In addition to this, as part of our company we are raising awareness for Diabetes UK and donating 10% of our profits to them. This is just one of the unique selling points that Qualitees has to offer.