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7 years 9 months ago

Thank you to the LEAP and Merrion Centre teams for another fantastic opportunity to sell on a busy Saturday in the city centre.

With valentine themed gift sets, a couple of Kevin Sinfield signed bottles up for grabs, and a new-look stand and promotional sandwich board, we were hopeful that we could both attract more customers for our bottles and earphones and improve on our performance in the Christmas marketing competition.

Trade was busy, with both the signed bottles and new gift sets proving popular, and the competition was tough, but we took home the trophy! Thank you to ITV’s Christine Talbot for presenting the prize and well done to all the other teams.

don’t dream it


Stream offers an innovative collection of quote-printed mix and match drinks bottles and colour coordinated earphones. This range of products is complemented by a service offering bulk order drinks bottles with club, team or tour logo of your choice.

Our shareholders have agreed to donate company profits to St Gemma’s Hospice Leeds.