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8 years 5 months ago

We are delighted to unveil our new company website.  One of the key elements of our social media plan, it enables you to:

  • browse our full product range
  • download a bulk order information sheet
  • find out more about our environmental credentials
  • get to know the charity to which our profits will be donated
  • discover the date and location of our next face-to-face sale
  • meet the stream team
  • or simply get in touch with an order, question or feedback

Unlike our other social media sites which are designed primarily for use on mobile devices, the webite functions best on a larger computer screen.

Find all this and more via the stream company page on this website, or directly at

don't dream it


Stream offers an innovative collection of quote-printed mix and match drinks bottles and colour coordinated earphones. This range of products is complemented by a service offering bulk order drinks bottles with club, team or tour logo of your choice.

Our shareholders have agreed to donate company profits to St Gemma’s Hospice Leeds.